Multidisciplinary Interdependence combined with Personal Presence

Dear opinionist. Few words of wisdom, that need be spoken . Rule 1! Adapt the technique to the horse, not the horse to your techniques. For all the “one trick ponies”,  horsemanship is about solving  problems and acheiving equine potential vs. pushing a specific method. In the majority of fields where results count, such as; sales, sports, coaching, business, medicine and especially horsemanship, the key is a  'multidisciplinary' mindset. If you don't know the meaning of multidiscpilinary, look it up. (  

And don't forget, our most powerful tool, is common sense  (ie. common horse sense). Undoubtablely there are fundamental methods and rules that any good trainer should use (based on our knowledge & understanding of how horses, think, play, act and feel), but you’ll find with experience that technique has much less to do with training as one would imagine. I use several different tools or moves, depending on the horse, I'm willing and able to adapt.  But at the end of the day, I follow my gut, not afraid to think outside the norm and put to practice “inspired interdependence” together with my equine partner. If you don’t know the meaning of interdependence, look it up ( I've coined a new terminology  to define this, which is, 'inspir-dependency'  (interdependence + devine inspiration). Here’s a tip: By maintaining the attitude of “what can I learn from the horse today” vs. “what the horse will learn from me today”, it will invite humility and openness to receiving the personal revelation, combined with wisdom and experience needed. This should not be mis-understood as, “let the horse train me” vs. “me train the horse”. The more knowledge and understanding we have about these great animals, the more power and opportunity we have to successfully motivate, care, communicate, empathize, connect and train them.

A narrowed minded ignoramus, recently made a comment that frustrated me greatly, along with the hundreds or perhaps thousands more that criticize videos and/or techniques of other great horseman. Horseman doing incredible work, proving themselves with phenomanal results. Although its ridiculous to take these comments serious, the principle should be addressed. I'm not going to discuss the “why's” of their poisonous thinking errors. What is missing is the element of Personal Presence. P.P. Is 'how' people or animals 'feel" when in your presence, this is something that cannot be comprehended by watching a video. The lack of personal presence is the reason why only a select few can successfully duplicate others greatness (they’ve seen on Youtube for example). One must be present to feel the energy & spirit the horse feels. I get this line all the time, "I used the same method, but it didn't work for me'. Well, thats  because the mojo comes from the heart not mind. Feel with the heart, think with the mind. It’s quite challenging to intellectualize feeling on a emotional or spiritual level. Same reason emotional intelligence is 20:1 more influential to ones success over learned education or IQ.

So here is the point. If what you do works, then keep doing it, even if others don't have the Light to see it. If you see something that does work, but it’s not your way, don’t critisize because of your lack of Light and narrow mindedness (Light = Truth + Knowledge) .

Thats it for now. Happy Trails.

Phil Johnson